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Aug 17, 2010



I learned the hard way that most recipes for shrimp ceviche call for quickly pre-cooking the shrimp. The same is true for other shellfish, unless you know it's really fresh.

Karen Loeschner

Hi Melanie ~

Yes, I've read recommendations for par-cooking any kind of fish for ceviche. I'm a traditionalist, though, and lucky enough to possess a cast iron stomach, so I personally dismiss those recs. (Although one bad experience will change anyone's practice, and I'm certainly not immune.) While I do say don't fear fish, your suggestion that it be really fresh is a good one. People seem to be much less forgiving with freshness when it comes to fish (compared to other proteins), even if only for psychological reasons.


Also good with pixbae


Serving in tacos is best, 2nd best would be in the bowl. Either works as long as there's tequila. That'll make for a great summer evening.


The secret is the Tequila..it stops you from getting sick..drink before, during and after, you'll be fine - why take a risk?

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