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Aug 26, 2010


Alan Wu

I personally think that this proposal is a great way to improve the food quality in DC. Being a chef who grew up in Detroit, I used to think poorly of the food quality in Detroit, but after moving to DC, I realize how bad the food is here. I can understand the higher prices in food, but the food quality just don't meet up to the price range. Even for a 10-15 dollar meal, you can't find any good restaurants here, but a few of the food carts that I have been to, they were great for its price.

Food carts will push the quality of the restaurants up and encourage more people to get into food carts. If you are worry about food carts taking over all of the businesses, then write a bill to limit the amount of hours that they are able to operate. Some people want to open restaurants, but do not have the money to. Food carts is a great way to showcase the possible food quality and earn enough money to open a restaurant in DC.

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