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Sep 08, 2010



I love the place too. But I also had a bad experience with a bartender, who was convinced that I ordered a beer that I had not, and tried to charge me accordingly. I had to show him who all of my friends were and where they were sitting, and he sat there and counted up their beers before he agreed to remove the charge. It's not the end of the world, but the other restaurants in this group generally set a better standard for service than this.


It's an pretty good beer bar but some (not all) of their bottle beers are way overpriced. The same bottled beers at other establishments costs half as much.


I always wanted do go to ChurchKey and drink few beers with their 16$ burger. Now you have convinced me I need to do it soon...


The beer and wine list is great.. too bad their food is meh.


I'd like to love this place BUT.

I see a lot of praise for the tap menu, but, when I get down to brass tacks, the beers under each of the categories just don't make sense together to me. I haven't explored the bottle list, but, unbelievably, I have found myself perusing the tap list after sampling one or two selections and not finding anything I'm really that interested in. Maybe this was partly a summer problem and a lack of recognition that it was summer in the menu. (On that note, why were there so many heavy beers on cask in the summer?)

Finally, there is nothing chill about this place or its crowd. Partly it is often too crowded, but partly it is just so trendy that it doesn't feel like it is about the beer.

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Churchkey has all tap beer facilities so i guess their many focus is on Beer.Churchkey is ideal place for all Boozer.I love the place and i am planning to visit it soon.I am expecting Churchkey to introduce few more Ciders along with some spicy foods!
Cheers Churchkey you get 9/10 from me!

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