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Sep 20, 2010



I totally agree. The Fat Joe is my all-time favorite. Haven't tried it with bacon or cheese (am a little wary of overwhelming the truffle oil flavor), but you've piqued my interest!


Don't you worry, Ingrid, the truffle flavor comes right through. I understand your concern, though. I've considered adding bone marrow to the Fat Joe, but figure it would get lost between the foie gras and burger patty.


ooh. i'm going to have to add the bacon - the burger with foie gras is my favorite (although i go with the chimay cheese and roasted garlic spread).


Had this for lunch today.

It was excellent and incredibly rich. It was so rich, I made it through 3/4 of it and didn't know if I could finish. But there was no way I wasn't going to finish a $22 burger. I soldiered on and pushed every morsel of that thing into my gullet.

The chances of falling asleep at work just increased %60.


Way to soldier through, Cas. You're better for it spiritually, worse for it physically.

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