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Dec 14, 2010



Drew, I loved seeing Mike and Nathan featured in the article (that dining table looks familiar) as I'm great friends with them. However, just one thing to point out, saisons are some of the driest beers out there (often more so than sours). And, traditionally drank in the summer months by farmers. Fantome's take on the style is considerably different than how they were originally made (very low ABV, rarely spiced).
Either way, I'm glad you're getting into sours. Did you get to try the Wee Heavy that came from Nathan's Bourbon barrel? It's fantastic.


Thanks for the comment, DanF. Yeah, my knowledge of Belgian beer is fairly limited, and that includes saisons. So I don't recall the saisons I've had being very dry, but that doesn't mean they weren't. And it wasn't until trying Fantome and Nathan talking to me about Helios that I learned saisons could also be a sour beer. Seems to work well for that style. As for the barrel of wee heavy, sadly I did not try it. We kept the evening focused on sours that might work for a novice like me. Hopefully, I'll be able to worm my way back into Nathan's basement and check out those barrel-aged beers.


Actually the Wee Heavy is a sour. However, definitely wasn't the intention! But, it turned out amazing. All of us have plenty of bottles still kicking around, and the couple years of age on it is really improving. We'll be bottling the porter (from the bourbon barrel) here in another month or so. Any help would be appreciated!


I'm always happy to work for beer. Send me the details at drew@dcfoodies.com.

John at DCA

Im not a fan of beer but I wonder how sour beer taste? I have this feeling that I will like it.

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