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Jan 05, 2011


Trip Ulvila

Time really did fly from summer restaurant week until now. And before we know it, we'll be saying the same about the next Summer Restaurant Week.

Thanks for posting all of the info here to give everyone a one-stop information spot for the DC Restaurant Week.


Thanks for the info!! Noticed that you guys haven't put Bobby Van's menu up in the past years... is there a reason? Do you not suggest going there?


Our pleasure Trip!

AmyB, we reach out to Bobby Van's every year, but we never get a response from them.


I updated the menus over the weekend, yesterday and today. You will notice many updates including Kushi...check it out!


DCFoodies cousins, Here's a post we did on DCBeer.com about restaurants featuring craft beer during Restaurant Week. http://dcbeer.com/2011/01/18/restaurant-week-craft-beer-opportunities/

Thanks to you for the great background info and collection of menus!


Heading to Vidalia for the first time tonight for RW -- any dining reports from the first two nights? Suggestions for don't-miss menu items?


The RW menu for Trummer's on Main in Clifton, Va. is posted on http://trummersonmain.com/events/.


oh sweet jesus I just had lunch at Bourbon Steak and it was AMAZING!

On the flipside, I had dinner at Mourayo on Tuesday and it sucked. Majorly. The pasta was like something out of a can, the service was lousy, and the food was just bland bland bland. Also they had several substitutions on the menu, despite it only being the 2nd day of restaurant week...


Lunched at Chef Geoff's on Foxhall yesterday. Joe Bieden was there (post-Shriver eulogy) and as he walked out he gave my mom a hug and asked his son to take a picture and send it to us (a nice twist). As I reached to hand him my card with my e-address, I realized I had left my wallet at home: no cards, no license, no credit card, no money! All the CG staff was excellent about it, and said it was no problem-just to come another time and take care of it then. They were actually wonderful the whole luncheon, and on top of that the food was delicious, filling, and they offer the whole menu so it was a great deal. They're extending thru next week, so check them out.


Sorry, Chef Geoff's is on New Mexico, not Foxhall (tho RG is good at all his restaurants)


Pinzimini in the Arlington Westin: Come hungry! You're served a pre-course offering of "a selection of Italian cured meats and cheeses, along with crusty breads, dried fruits, and mostarda." (tho I didn't get the last two, I had 2 cheeses and 2 meats). I chose "PEI mussels, smoked paprika, thyme, butter", which had about a dozen nicely flavored mussels (a bit on the smnall side), "Garlic shrimp, white wine buter, angel hair" (tho the pasta was thicker than angel hair), and then "Butternut squash bread pudding, pistachio gelato, amaretto drizzle", which was huge and surprisingly good.
The iced tea I got tasted 'off', so they happily replaced it with a soda when I asked.
The waiter was not sure what the cheeses were, and was going to come back with that info, but forgot. Otherwise, he and the other staff were were attentive and friendly, even though I came at the very end of the lunch period.

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Hey Liza, what a nonsense restaurant had you visited! If I were you, maybe I had scolded the employees there, if possible, including the owner. They are not so sure of their business.

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