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23rd Annual Chocolates, Galore, and More

I know this event is out in Loudon County which is a bit inaccessible for some of our readers, but for those of you that live in Northern Virginia, this is probably something you should check out. 

If you are unfamiliar with the event, the proceeds go to benefit the YMCA Loudon County Building Bridges Program which is a local scholarship and financial assistance program. In total, the program provides nearly $2 million in the form of camps, counciling, social services, and health and wellness programs to children, families, and seniors in need.

Mike Isabella This years event has plenty of reasons to go. But most of all if you are a fan of Top Chef, Mike Isabella, formerly of DC's Zaytinya (and soon to open his own local place), is going to be one of the judges of the Dessert and Hors d’oeuvre Competition, in which restaurants from Northern Virginia compete and showcase their best of show. But of course, the best thing of all is that you get to taste every dessert and hors d’oeuvre and judge your favorites of the evening.

While all the eating is going on, you can participate in silent auctions, dance to music and drink champaigne which is all includes in the price of admission. What better way to work off all the food you just ate?! 

Tickets are $70 for reserved seats and $60 for general admission ($70 at the door). The event is on February 18th from 7 to 11 PM, at the West Belmont Place at the National Conference Center. For the full details of the event, you can visit the events web site here.


Denise Joaquin

I'm so looking forward to the event! Not simply 'coz I'm a foodie, but also because of the noble purpose this event will be serving! On a side note, very soon Speedeals DC will be offering huge discounts on DC restaurants! So, stay tuned!

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