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Feb 16, 2011



I have to agree on the CT rolls as being the best. I tried to make these myself and couldn't do it for less than $15 with how much meat they put on there.

Things must be doing well as last I heard they still planned on launching a second lobstah truck in the spring.


what is the dupoknt circle spot that started you on the path? Hanks Oyster Bar?


Hanks does serve a good lobster roll, Chris.


somehow I've never been able to get into these lunch trucks. This one sounds interesting though, I must admit.


You aren't the only one who is late to the game. I'm looking forward to trying the lobster roll. Thanks for the heads up.


I had the Maine yesterday. It's safe to say those few bites changed my life. The best.

Food as passion

Great posting. Thanks for share. Keep it up.


I loved the Lobster Truck, but now I've been converted to the new lobster place in chinatown- Luke's. It's much more convenient than chasing the truck around. Maybe a compare and contrast article so I can know where I can truly get best lobster roll outside of Maine.

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