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Feb 08, 2011



I watched the entire Super Bowl, and I forgot about the Groupon commercial until you mentioned it here again. I tried using Groupon and other variations of the same type of thing (DC Deals, etc). Once, I purchased a groupon deal for a Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Arlington and received the worst service, subpar and overpriced suishi, and a bill that ended up being much more than I would have payed at a different restaurant for full price and good food. I decided then that groupons are just gimmicks for places that wouldn't get my business otherwise. Places with great reviews don't need to advertise for discounted food. That said, I haven't used it for other services, so I can't comment on that.


I had a similar reaction, though I only caught the Tibet one. I thought it was in bad taste and poorly executed. Not to mention factually inaccurate. I don't think Tibetans use much fish in their cuisine or curry for that matter.

I bet they were wishing they could pull their ads once they saw the backlash from Kenneth Cole's Egypt gaffe. But it was probably too late.

Adam Thomas

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Sounds like and excellent idea.

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