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Apr 28, 2011



Some of us are buying the unaged spirits so that we can preserve things like plums and cherries at home. Or make our liquors, using spices/vanilla. At least with Copper Fox/Wasmund's, the price to proof ratio with unaged is far better than with the aged stuff.

Ann S.

Very interesting article - well planned and well said. Congratulations on a job well done!


I think we'll see more of it, especially the ones infused with fruits like they used to do in the country. Junior John is already selling a few flavors, infused with real fruit, although I've not seen them yet in the DC market. Only have seen their regular "moonshine" on the price list at VA ABC's website so far.


J, a few years ago I gave a jar of Georgia Moon to a friend. In turn, he used it to soak a bunch of cherries. That was probably the best thing you can do with that stuff. That said, the cherries couldn't mask the corn liquor's flavor.

JV, I can only imagine the infused white whiskeies will taste similar.

Cook in A Bar

Great article...I also don't understand the trend to drink something that doesn't taste very good. I wish craft distillers would focus on other products while they wait for their whiskey to age.


I love their Rye. We posted about visiting the distillery if you're interested!


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