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Jun 15, 2011



what a great post! and very well written. I really enjoyed reading it.


Great cocktails, but overrated service. During our visit to Columbia Room, saw him drop a garnish, run it under the sink, and still put it on a rim. Also saw him pour 2 drinks made for my wife and I for another couple- in effect, re-using cocktails. So much for personalized attention and crafting drinks to your tastes.


Mark, That is just ridiculous. You are talking about a place that washes the ice before they make every drink, you can't name another place that does that. I haven't been to the Columbia Room more than a couple of times, but I'm pretty sure that Derek would be caught raping a monkey before doing something like that. You are clearly hallucinating. As far as recycling cocktails, did you want something made for you and no one else in the world? The place is known for classic cocktails. There's a limited list dude. That's just bs hatorade.


Totally agree. Whoever that dude is is full of crap.


Derek is amazing!


Bryan, I stand by what I wrote. As far as recycling cocktails, we weren't looking for something original for just us and no one else in the world. What he poured us was great. It's just that he ended up pouring the "excess" for another couple instead of creating new drinks for them based on their own preferences.


I'll also clarify my garnish comment. The twist fell onto the bar as he was serving the drink. He ran it under the sink and put the same one on the rim. One would think that he would replace the entire twist. For a place that prides itself on attention to detail such as washing ice for every drink as you say, I just expected more from this bar as I would a 5-star restaurant. As I said, great cocktails, overrated service.


I think it's an indication of poor character to comment negatively on an article about someone and totally take that nice moment away from them, regardless of who this guy is. I'm sure that because of you he won't send this to his mom anymore. So you seem to me like a person who just dumps on things because he can, especially under a shroud of anonymity. Didn't you consider that he made four of the same cocktail because he was excited about that cocktail and wanted the people to try it too? Cause that wouldn't sound like a stretch to me.


Great article Derek!

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