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DC Restaurant Week Summer/August 2011

RAMW annouced yesterday that Summer DC Restaurant Week will be from August 15th through 21st. The complete list of restaurants is here.

Of course, some restaurants will have a special deal for the whole month. Stay tuned for us to post more details and menus here. In the mean time, for those of you that make reservations in advance, let the race begin!

You may want to check what restaurants have historically offered to patrons in our past DC Restaurant Week Menus to give you an idea of where you should try this year.


Amy Kenigsberg

Awesome! Thanks for the info, can't wait to stuff my face :)

Amy, Fuse Pilates


Do you plan to post the menus as in you have with past Restaurant Weeks?


Hi Eric, as I figured out after posting this, RAMW is now including restaurant menus in the Restaurant Week site. So that pretty much eliminates the need for me to do that anymore. I can't say I will miss doing it all. That was quite a lot of effort.


Do you have a list of the restaurants extending restaurant week?

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