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Food and Friends' Slice of Life

FafsolEvery year, Food and Friends runs a pie sale called Slice of Life. Anyone can purchase a Thanksgiving pie and at the same time make an impact in the lives of thousands in need in the DC Metro region. Anyone can buy pies for themselves, as gifts for friends, or for Food and Friends to deliver to their clients on Thanksgiving Day. The great thing is that each pie purchased provides one full day of meals for a neighbor in need!

You can buy any one of the following delicious pies:

Picture Perfect Pumpkin Pie - $25

Harvest Apple Crumb Pie - $25

Oh So Sweet Potato Pie - $25

Southern Pecan Pie - $25

US Airways Sky Pie: Creamy Chocolate Covered Cheesecake - $40
(Each pie purchased enters you to win a $1200 US Airways gift card)

Pie for a Food & Friends Client - $25
(We'll deliver it to their door with a full holiday meal on Thanksgiving Day)

More information on the pies that can be purchased and their ingredients is available on the web site. After purchasing, you can pick up your pie at many area pick up locations on Tuesday, November 22nd from 11am to 8pm. Hurry up and buy your pies while you can. Sales close next Thursday, November 17th at midnight!



Jennifer Kay

Thanks for posting this...I was homeless before and I always like to see creative charity such as this.

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