Cooking with Truffles: Valentine’s Vegetarian Menu
Jason and Julia



Yes, it's happening! I'm bringing this site back from the dead almost 3 years from the last time anyone posted. I thought I was done with DCFoodies and came very close to shutting it down completely, but there's just something about the holidays and cooking that really made me miss sharing my experiences in the kitchen with everyone. 

Rather than writing about restaurants, which Amy and I almost never go to anymore (at least not new ones anyway), this blog will be focused on cooking and baking. That's what I spend most of my free time doing and besides, we can all cook better food than we can get at most restaurants anyway. 

I will be putting ads back to the site soon and as usual all the proceeds from the ads will go to some local hunger or food-focused charity. If any of your are interested in contributing and helping generate money for those charities, I'm always open to having guest writers or other columnists. 



Welcome back! Expecting lots of Blue Apron winners!


Yay! Welcome back! You were my first food blog back in the day - still tracking with Amalah but glad to have the cooking adventures chronicled. You guys keep me laughing - thanks!


I am happy to see that you are bringing it back! I followed religiously circa 2007 when my husband and I were newlyweds and freshly transplanted to DC. (I discovered the hallowed 2 Amy's through this site - and it became our go-to neighborhood place). Now, we've moved back to North Carolina and have two young kids - but I'd love to see what you guys are cooking up. (And Amy is an advice goddess re: parenting - love Alphamom - but you already knew that). Cheers!

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