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I had a late dinner there last night with Amy. We arrived around 9:30 and there was still a wait for a table. Big surprise.  We sat down for a drink at the bar and just as we finished our drinks, they called us.

There was something different from the start. Shortly after we were seated, someone came by to give us water and ask us if we wanted a drink. The best thing, though, is that the drinks actually arrived before our food. In the past we would have gotten our drinks after the main course has been served. Our appetizer came out shortly after our drinks. Oh, and get this: Someone actually asked me if I wanted another drink --  an event that never happened before at Indique.

It seems like Indique (click for my original review) has instituted the captain system and hired a bunch of new people. In previous trips to Indique, we had always noticed that there just weren't enough people on the floor to take care of all the tables. This time, however, we saw a full staff of food expeditors, head waiters, secondary waiters, bus people, and a person who did nothing but walk around and fill water glasses.  These were all welcome changes to what was an otherwise perfect restaurant. I hope the change is permanent.

Who knows, though, it might have only been better because we were there so late.

Palena Review Postponed

I was going to post a detailed review for Palena, but I decided to hold off until I have eaten there more than once. The short story is that it was excellent and I would definitly recommend that everyone go there. However, I have only had the pleasure of trying the dishes that Amy and I ordered, and I think I want to hold off on awarding the extreme praise I planned on giving it until I have eaten there again.

Indique - Best Sunday Lunch Ever!

Last Sunday, Amy and I went to Indique for lunch. WOW!! What a deal. $8-9 for an entree with soup or salad, rice, naan and a side of daal. It was probably one of the best deals we have ever had in a meal.

This wasn't the first time Amy and I had been to Indique. The first time we went was the the week it opened. Before it opened, we noticed the sign posted on the building at the top of the escalator to the Cleveland Park Metro. "Coming soon, another location of Bombay Bistro." Amy and I looked at each other...NOOOO WAY! We both knew of Bombay Bistro from our days living out in Gaithersburg. Bombay Bistro is said by many to be one of the top Indian restaurants in Maryland, so of course we were excited to see a new location opening around the corner from us. As time went on, the name of the restaurant changed from Bombay Bistro to Indique.

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Café Olé

It seems lately, that every other new restaurant that opens in The District serves tapas. I'm so sick of them. Places like Jaleo, I Matti, Cities, etc, etc, that charge $8-10 for a quarter serving of a real meal are just starting to get on my nerves. Usually the food is good, but the amount they are charging for a serving that would barely feed my cat is just plain robbery.

There is one exception in the D.C - Café Olé.

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Amy and I have been going to Spices, located across from the Uptown Theater on Connecticut Ave, for a while. Because it serves all types of Asian food, Spices is the perfect place to go if you are with friends that aren't sushi fans. You can get all the sushi you want, and they can choose from other Chinese, Thai, and Japanese dishes.

First I just want to say that the Sushi isn't out of this world. I actually think that the sushi at Sushi Sushi is better as far as freshness and quality of fish is concerned. Spices doesn't get too exotic on you. But, if you are familiar with our taste in sushi, you won't be surprised why we still like Spices. Our favorites at Spices are the Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll, Kimchi Tuna Toll, Dragon Roll, and Yellowtail Roll. As you can tell from this list, we are not the most adventuresome people when it comes to sushi. We've tried the exotic stuff: Octopus, Barbeque Eel, and we're just not crazy about it. Maybe we are squeemish, or just unadventuresome when it comes to raw fish.

As far as non-sushi dishes, there's one dish there that Amy and I crave on a regular basis - Crispy Tangerine Peel Beef. I swear they put drugs in it to make it addictive. In fact, just writing about it is making me want to go there tonight. Also I particularly like the Mee Goreng. It is a combination of Lo Mein and Pad Thai with Indian spices, tofu and your choice of chicken, shrimp, or beef. One thing to keep in mind...When they say on the menu that a dish is spicy...THEY MEAN IT. Last time, I ordered the Ginger Chicken and I could barely finish it. If you order it, be prepared to have your water glass refilled a lot.

The wine list is average, but inexpensive. Oh, and save room for desert. They serve a flaming ice cream, which consists of vanilla ice cream dipped in tempura batter and then fried quickly. They then dump it in Rum and light it on fire. When they bring it out, everyone's head turns to see and you just know they are saying, "Ooooh, we have to order that!"

Spices is as casual a restaurant as they come. We usually go in jeans. We try to arrive early or later in the evening, since the service tends to falter when the place is really crowded. Prices are extremely reasonable. The average bill tends to be around $70 with a bottle of wine.

3333-A Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 686-3833

M-F 11:30AM-3PM, 5PM-11PM
Sa: 12PM-11PM
Su: 5PM-10:30PM

Delivery available - minimum $15 order - $1 delivery charge